7 Simple Ways to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth at Home, Marietta

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Whitening your teeth cannot just enhance your smile, but can also enhance your confidence level. However, your teeth, because of all kinds of habits we humans have, can be discolored and stained. There are multiple factors involved in this process, which can lead to your teeth losing their shine and sparkle.

You could be staining your teeth with certain food items and drinks; you could do that with the help coffee and wine, you could also do this by consuming alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. Apart from this, the plaque development on your teeth can also cause your teeth to look yellow.

Out of the above-stated factors, certain forms of discolorations can be treated with the help of simple teeth cleaning at the best dentist in Marietta, however, for certain other stains, there would be needed a professional teeth whitening.

But for those who want to steer clear of all the chemicals involved in the professional teeth whitening treatment, here are seven ways to brighten up your smile.

  1. You could apply oils to your teeth to whiten your smile and improve their appearance. Swishing oil around in your mouth can remove bacteria. Mostly, coconut oil can do wonders for people in this case. With the help of coconut oil, you could ensure the presence of lauric acid in your mouth, which could kill bacteria that can cause yellowness in your teeth.
  2. Baking soda has natural teeth whitening properties, and this is the prime reason why it is such a popular ingredient in commercial toothpaste. The ingredient can mildly scrub away all the stains on the surface of your teeth and create an alkaline environment for killing bacteria in your mouth. Over a period of using it, you would see a difference in the appearance of your teeth.
  3. You could also take help of hydrogen peroxide to whiten your smile. Hydrogen peroxide is another whitening and bleaching agent, of a natural form that also kills bacteria in your mouth. Hydrogen peroxide can also disinfect the wounds in your body and is capable of giving you a much whiter smile because of its properties.
  4. Using apple cider vinegar can drastically improve your smile. The acetic acid found in the same can clean your teeth and kill the bacteria, and give you a much brighter smile.
  5. Consuming a diet of fruits and vegetables is good for your body as well as your teeth. Yes, nothing can substitute brushing, but consuming healthy fruits and vegetables is going to help your teeth to be bright and white. Crunchy fruits and vegetables can scrub away most plaque layers on your teeth. The most popular fruits for the same are strawberries and pineapple.
  6. As you age, your teeth could naturally get yellow and discolored. There are some changes you could make in your diet to ensure your smile is perfect. You would want to steer clear from coffee, wine, soda, berries, junk food, etc. which can change the appearance of your teeth. You would want to use a straw for soda and other drinks you consume, or simply limit the amount you intake. You should also avoid smoking and chewing tobacco.
  7. Always, maintain the healthy practice of brushing and flossing and the regular maintenance of your dental aesthetics. You should visit your dental care provider regularly, and should maintain a good oral health if you want to see a brighter smile.

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