A Mercury-free Dental Experience in Marietta, GA

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Mercury is considered one of the top ten chemicals that is a major public health concern. It is an element found in water, air, and soil. Mercury is released into the environment as a result of human activity, and the more people will do these activities such as coal burning, the more it will be rapid for mercury to spread through the air. In dentistry, the use of dental amalgam is a continuous controversy. Most dental procedures, products, and even tools today utilizes mercury. Since this harmful element releases toxins that might affect the immune system, nervous, digestive, lungs, kidneys, eyes, and skin, being extra careful in choosing a mercury-free dental clinic is vital.

We at RA Dental Studio worked hard in giving patients the best dental experience without putting a risk to their health. We understand how terrible the effects of mercury are on the body when exposed, that is why we provide a Mercury Free Office for our patients. In dentistry, the procedure silver-colored dental fillings could be the source of mercury. The fact that it contains 50% of mercury making it release mercury vapor is scary. At RA Dental Studio, we eliminate dental practices and tools that involve the leaking of mercury.

Mercury Free

What are the harmful effects of mercury on the health?

  • For pregnant women, exposure to mercury can affect the baby’s brain since mercury is a poison to the nervous system.
  • Methylmercury is carcinogenic to humans.
  • Inhaling mercury vapor will result in some neurological and behavioral disorders such as insomnia, unstable emotions, memory loss, and headaches.
  • Mercury can also harm the thyroid and kidney.
  • High exposure to mercury can cause death.


What are the signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning?

  • Shortness of breath
  • Swollen gums
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Frequent irritation
  • Memory loss
  • Peripheral impairment
  • A weakening of the muscles
  • Speech, walking, and hearing impairment


Aside from acquiring mercury through fish and shellfish, some other sources of metallic mercury include fever thermometer, jewelry, and dental fillings.

Experience a safer dental appointment with RA Dental Studio’s  Mercury Free Office in Marietta. We are located at 2513 Shallowford Rd. BLDG 100, Marietta GA, 30066.