Choose Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment for Your Oral Health Condition, Marietta

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Cosmetic dentistry treatment involves some procedures. One of them is teeth whitening. This procedure, as the name suggests, involves making the teeth whiter by several grades or degrees. This procedure can be undertaken in the dental clinic as well as at home. In the dental clinic, the teeth first have to be prepped up for this treatment. After this, the teeth are smeared with whitening gel or paste. A laser beam of a certain intensity and for a given duration of time is passed through the whitening gel or paste. This activates it. Thus, the gel or paste gets “stuck” in the teeth and whitens them. This procedure may be needed to be repeated to have the best possible results.

However, whitened teeth can get re-stained if proper care is not taken of them. Thus, a patient should keep a watch on his or her habits or lifestyle if they have gotten such a therapy worked upon them. For instance, they should make it a point to brush their twice daily for two minutes each time. Also, dental flossing once a day is an absolute must. Also, regular trips must be made to the dentist to ensure that any follow-up action which is required is taken. It is necessary to know that teeth whitening can be rendered useless if the patient drinks too much tea or coffee or drinks like red wine et al. This will re-stain the teeth as will too much of smoking or ingestion of tobacco related products. Also, food items like beet root to cause teeth staining.

Teeth whitening can also be done at home. For this, an impression of the teeth and gums is taken and given to the dental laboratory. Here, a set of whitening trays is manufactured and given to the patient. At home, these trays are smeared with whitening substance and worn over the teeth. Slowly and surely, the teeth start to whiten. However, this procedure too is not permanent and will be reversed if the person does not take enough care of his or her teeth.

Also, teeth whitening can be done with the help of certain over-the-counter products. These could be whitening gums or toothpaste. Whitening gum is chewed by the patient, and the teeth will whiten with this effect. Same is the case with whitening toothpaste. However, again, these effects are not permanent. Sometimes, a dental cap or crown can be placed atop a tooth or teeth which are badly stained. Also, dental veneers can be stuck onto the front surface of the tooth for this very purpose. They also give a ‘cover’ to the tooth and ensure that ‘whiter’ teeth show up.

Cosmetic dentistry also involves several other procedures. Even braces and retainers may be considered in this category along with coming in the bracket of orthodontics. Even getting dental implants may be taken as part and parcel of cosmetic dentistry.

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