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The lives of denture-wearers are not guaranteed comfortable unless they get dental implants for their teeth replacements—true or false? Well, patients who opted for removable dentures may need some time before they can fully adjust to the prostheses. And during their ‘adjustment period,’ that is where discomfort usually comes in. However, by learning the right measures to take, anyone can quicken their settling-in process with dentures.

Our team at RA Dental Marietta is always ready to help our dear patients attain a smoother experience in whatever dental services they avail in our clinic. For our patients who acquired dentures in our office, whether partial or full, we prepared tips to make your lives comfortable with the said oral device.


Ways to Be Comfortable with Dentures

Invest in a Good Denture Adhesive

Denture glue, like dental implant, aims to keep dentures in place. A good adhesive can help patients eat, speak, and smile with no worries. It stabilizes the teeth replacement so it won’t wobble inside the wearer’s mouth.

Don’t Neglect Pain

Discomfort after wearing dentures for the first time is common—and is completely normal. However, a pain that lasts for a lengthy period is already an indication that something is not right with the fitting of the restorative device. The best way to achieve comfort once again is by letting the dentist adjust the teeth replacement.

Observe Proper Denture Care

Dentures can increase oral problems in the future if they are not well-cared. Our suggestion is for patients to keep their teeth replacements clean as always. Placing dentures in an antibacterial soak overnight can preserve the shape of the restorative appliance. Plus, it loosens the unwanted particles that are present in the dentures.

Dentures, unlike dental implants, cannot restore the strength of the jawbone thus the occurrence of bone resorption. Because an alteration in the jaw takes place, it is possible for dentures to fit poorly inside the mouth. The teeth replacement may become loose, which can create a sense of discomfort to the person wearing it. To avoid compromising the patients’ day to day lives, we necessitate them to visit our dental clinic every six months. Our dentist can assess their oral health and dentures at the same time so that necessary adjustments will be made right away.

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