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During your regular dental visits, you may hear your dentist constantly remind you about flossing and its significance to your oral health. If you are just like the rest of the patients who do not heed their dentist’s advice, then you are also letting go of one important aspect of good oral hygiene. What many people do not see and realize is how flossing actually helps when it comes to getting rid of the deposits of plaque and bacteria from your teeth. When plaque stays longer in your mouth, the production of acid is increased and when it happens, the acid attacks your tooth enamel and makes it thinner and prone to decay. Plaque does not just cause decay and cavities, it can also cause gum irritation which can later on result in gum infections and diseases. Your toothbrush bristles cannot do 100% of the job especially when it comes to getting in the spaces between your teeth which explains why flossing is important.

Flossing plays a key role in helping you avoid gum problems. When you get gum diseases, they can destroy the overall health and quality of your smile because it will gradually eat up and damage your gums as well as your teeth and supporting structures. This can eventually result in tooth loss. The better you take good care of your gums and bone structure, the easier it is going to be for you when it comes to preserving your teeth and preserving your youthful look.

How to choose the right dental floss?

A dental floss is usually made of nylon and Teflon but regardless of the material used, both are just as effective when it comes to cleaning. If you have larger spaces between your teeth, a wide dental tape would be more applicable and appropriate. But if the spaces between your teeth are smaller and thinner, then you will also have to choose a thinner dental floss. On the other hand, if you are under orthodontic treatment and are using braces, then you will have to choose thinner floss.

If you have not been incorporating flossing as part of your oral hygiene, now is the best time for you to start it. It offer many benefits than you know, and some of those benefits are the following.

  • Flossing can help you prevent tooth decay because there are areas in your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach. If you use a dental floss, you can clean the tiny spaces between your teeth where plaque can form and where food particles can get trapped. If plaque is not removed from these areas, it will continue to buildup and harden until they develop into cavities.
  • Flossing can help increase your protection against gum diseases. Flossing does not only remove plaque deposits from the surfaces of your teeth but it also removes the one that are found along the gum line. If you floss regularly, you will be able to stop the bacteria from spreading and reaching most especially your gums and the roots of your teeth. This can help save you from early tooth loss.
  • Flossing can also help you achieve a fresher breath. Bad breath only happens when you fail to do a thorough cleaning because the spread of bacteria around your mouth and the bacteria that live in the plaque is what’s causing the bad smell. Getting rid of plaque and bacteria can help you maintain a clean mouth as well as a fresh breath.
  • Flossing can help you achieve a brighter smile because you can ensure that all of the stains in your teeth are removed.
  • Flossing is an effective preventive dental care against oral health diseases and conditions. When you floss, you can stay away from decay, cavities and you will be able to stay away from the hassle and cost of expensive dental procedures and restorations that will be needed once you start getting teeth damages. Flossing will not only help you save time, you will also be able to save money.

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