Oral Cancer Screening Marietta GA

Oral Cancer is a cancerous growth of cells that appear in the mouth. The cells may appear in the lip, tongue, or in the oral cavity in general. Also the pharynx (cone shaped cavity leading from the mouth to the nose) is another area where oral cancer often appears.

Who Is At Risk?

You are risk of oral cancer if:

  • You are a regular smoker.
  • You drink, and this includes beige drinking.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • There is a history of it in your family.
  • Exposure to certain strains of Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Studies show that men are twice more likely to get oral cancer than women. However, this may be because men are exposed to the risk factors such as smoking and drinking. New studies done in recent times, show that there are now higher incidences of oral cancer in women too.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms may include:

  • A lesion or lump in the oral cavity.
  • An unexplained inability to move the tongue.
  • An unexplained bleeding.
  • Loss of senses in the mouth, can’t feel the tongue.
  • Difficulty chewing, eating or swallowing solid foods and drinks.
  • Chronic sore throat or even mild soreness.


The symptoms mentioned above are just indicators that show there may be a problem. If you have any of the symptoms above, you cannot simply conclude that you have throat cancer. Some symptoms such as ulcers in the mouth can be signs of cold sores and not oral cancer.

A conclusive diagnosis of the problem can only be done by a qualified dentist. Diagnosis of this disease is usually difficult to do, especially at the initial stages. This is because the symptoms can be mistaken for other health problems that are not serious.

Diagnosis will involve checking of the mouth cavity and tongue for any signs of cancer. The dentist will be making a thorough inspection for white or red patches. The dentist also checks the face and even the back of the ear. The dentist will also use a special instrument to check the back of your throat and the pharynx. Lab analysis of samples of lesions from your mouth can be used to confirm if you have throat cancer.


Small tumours  can be removed surgically. More complex cases of oral cancer may require a more radical solution involving surgery, radio therapy and chemo therapy. Reconstruction therapy may also be necessary after the tumour is removed.

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