Pamper Your Teeth With Dental Spa in Marietta, GA

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People go to the salon for fixing their hair, some goes to the spa and have their nails done and even have a massage, and others go to the gym to shape their bodies well and stay healthy. Pampering yourself is not only limited to the body, but it can also be performed for the teeth! RA Dental Studio knows exactly what your teeth needs and the treatments that can bring out your best smile with their Dental Spa service.

Every individual wants to look her or his best on any occasion that is why Cosmetic dentistry services are developed to bring out perfect and beautiful smiles. Looking good is not only limited to occasions or events, but it should also be on a daily basis for everyone to enjoy.


Dental Spa Services Offered at RA Dental Studio

Teeth Cleaning

It is a procedure where a dental hygienist uses a scaling tool to scrape the teeth surface to remove buildups of plaque and tartar. While proper brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing can keep the teeth clean and healthy, professional teeth cleaning can remove the impurities that have accumulated in the areas of the teeth that are harder to reach. Teeth cleaning can also keep the teeth whiter by making sure to break down stains that are on the surface of the teeth. By doing so, your teeth can stay clean and healthy and away from any dental complications.

Teeth Whitening

Discoloration of the teeth can be unavoidable due to the foods we eat and beverages we drink daily. On a regular basis, stains can build-up on the surface of the teeth and little by little compromise its appearance. Discolored teeth can cause self-consciousness and loss of confidence to anyone. Teeth Whitening is the process of breaking down stains with the use of a whitening gel that is placed on the teeth directly. During the procedure, the gums are protected to avoid irritation and redness from the gel. After the application of the gel, it would then be exposed to a light that will activate its whitening compounds. Once the stains are removed, the teeth can return to its natural shade, and at times it can be even whiter than the natural. Whiter teeth are aesthetically pleasing and can boost the self-esteem.

Six Months Smiles

Some people have healthy teeth, but its appearance could be misaligned or crooked which can be fixed with traditional braces. However, metal braces can look unsightly due to its metal brackets and wires that can get in the way of smiling and even eating. Six Months Smiles is a procedure that can correct the teeth alignment faster and even more comfortable. Its focus is the “smile zone” or the teeth that are showing whenever a person smiles. The treatment can be completed in around six months. Six Months Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires making it hardly noticeable when worn. It provides faster, comfortable, and convenient treatment for people to get perfectly aligned and healthy teeth.


People pamper their bodies with the different types of services from head to toe, but the teeth should not be left out. With Dental Spa services it offers different dental services that can beautify the teeth while keeping it clean and healthy to bring out your best smile.


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