Pregnancy and Dental Health: 4 Key Facts From Our Marietta Dentist

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Pregnancy and Dental Health: 4 Key Facts

You are someone you know is pregnant – and you’ve got questions. This is good, because a baby’s tiny teeth start forming during the first trimester, with all primary teeth being in place by birth. It’s also good because pregnancy can affect a mother’s dental health, sometimes unpredictably.

To help you keep your teeth, and your baby’s, clean throughout these 9 important months, we collected the 4 key facts you need to know, starting with…

  1. Fluoride Supplements Do Not Do Much

Fluoride supplements are advertised as helping your baby form healthy enamel during pregnancy. This is largely a myth, because fluoride treatment works best long after a child is born – and doesn’t seem to change much when taken by a pregnant mom.

Fluoride supplementation hasn’t been studied completely yet, and this information may change as we learn more in the coming decades, but for now – you’re better off thinking about…

  1. A Balanced Diet & Exercise

The best way to guarantee your baby has healthy teeth is through maintaining your own health, dental and otherwise. This means watching what you eat – and making an effort to continue moving for as long as possible.

We’re not expecting each and every mom to jog and do yoga each day, of course – but a walk here and there will do more for your baby than all the fluoride in the world.

  1. Pregnancy Tumors

During pregnancy, some women get non-cancerous, i.e. non-lethal, localised bumps, swellings or growths – usually between the teeth. These appear to happen as a result of plaque, meaning that brushing and flossing your teeth is even more important than usual when you’re pregnant.

If you do find an odd bump in your mouth during pregnancy, consult your dentist as quickly as possible, because women with extreme cases of periodontal disease have a higher risk of pre-term birth!

  1. A Babys Calcium Doesnt Come From Their Teeth

There’s a myth out there that babies get the calcium in their teeth from the mother’s tooth enamel. This is flat-out false; this process would require us to change the laws of physics and nature to happen.

Now that you know the 4 key facts about pregnancy and dental health, you’re in prime position to guarantee a healthy (and beautiful) smile for yourself and your baby. Great news for your family!