Reasons Not to Be Afraid of a Root Canal Treatment

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A root canal treatment is probably one of the most misunderstood dental procedures. Why? Because many people assume it to be extremely painful or even unnecessary since there are other options. Unlike the other dental terms used like crowns, bridges, fillings, and sealants, root canal has an unpleasant ring to it. Due to this reason, many people are missing teeth without even knowing that there is a solution.

So, for everyone to know about the potential of a root canal treatment, we at RA Dental Studio Marietta will be sharing some points to prove that the procedure is not as bad as most people think. But, first things first, what is root canal exactly?

root canal treatment

A root canal is actually the central part of the tooth where the pulp lies, but most people use the same term to refer to the service. The reason why a person undergoes a root canal is if a tooth is infected due to untreated cavities. Once there is an infection, the patient will experience pain that is manageable by taking over the counter medications. However, the best course of action to take is by seeing the dentist. If an infection is left untreated, the patient’s risk of losing the problem tooth becomes highly likely. But if a root canal is performed, not only will the pain disappear, the infected tooth can be preserved.

Reasons to Avail of Root Canal

Save a tooth, save some cash

Most people may think that a tooth extraction is the better solution for an infection. What they do not know is, aside from the expense of the procedure, they also need to allocate funds for restorative treatment. It is essential to replace what is lost since a missing tooth can lead to other complications, even the loss of more teeth and decline of the overall oral health. As a result, aside from preserving the structure of an infected tooth, patients also do not need to spend on a certain dental restoration.

Efficient treatment

Unlike in the past, a root canal treatment nowadays does not take too long. Contrary to what most people think, the procedure is actually pretty straightforward. All the processes involved take around a couple of hours to complete in just one sitting. With it, patients are sure to get relief from infection fast! It is even possible for them to get going with their normal activities by the next day.

It is not painful

At our practice, aside from the expertise and techniques of our dentists, we are also committed to making sure that every patient stays at ease during any dental procedures. So, for patients who are availing of a root canal, know that we offer sedation options like oral conscious, laughing gas, and mild sedation. Plus, take note that it is actually the spreading infection that is causing pain and not the procedure.

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