Reasons to Get Screened for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the growing dental complications nowadays. And just like its other types, it is one condition that should never be underestimated. Fortunately, thanks to the advances in dentistry, there is now a particular procedure that dentists can perform to prevent the problem from worsening. At RA Dental Studio Marietta, we highly encourage our patients to take part in an annual oral cancer screening to keep track of the earliest signs of the said condition then take the necessary actions. To make the process much easier, we even utilize VELscope VX, which is a device that is very sensitive to tissue changes.

But first things first, what is an oral cancer screening? It is a procedure performed by dentists where they scan the mouth for any cancerous and precancerous lesions which can lead to oral cancer. The aim is to detect the lesions as early as possible since this is when they are easy to remove and most likely to be cured.

To emphasize the importance of undergoing oral cancer screenings, continue reading below:

Younger people are now more vulnerable

Many people think that oral cancer is only associated with old age. However, it seems that there is an increase in oral cancer cases among young adults. The theory is that young adults have increased exposure to human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV has actually been linked to oral cancer, and medical professionals have identified people with ages 25 and 50 to have a particularly high risk of developing the devastating condition.

Early detection helps

Believe it or not, early oral cancer detection actually makes a dramatic difference when it comes to achieving successful treatment. By undergoing a 5-minute screening, the dentist will be able to identify conditions that can possibly lead to oral cancer. With it, they will then be able to provide recommendations for lifestyle changes to combat and stop the growth of oral cancer. Early detection can increase a person’s survival rate by up to 80%, especially if they do not consume alcohol excessively, smoke or chew tobacco, and contract HPV.

Screenings are straightforward

What patients should understand is, oral cancer screenings are actually painless and quick. The process can even be finished in just five minutes! That said, there is no reason for people not to schedule these appointments. Take note that screenings can provide peace of mind by letting patients know that they are free from oral cancer.

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