Sedation Dentistry in Marietta, GA: Making Dental Visits More Pleasant

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It is essential to make sure that a person’s first dental visit is pleasant to make them look forward to future appointments. It is also necessary to eliminate any possible factors that can cause the development of fear and anxiety during dental procedures. For those who may be wondering why, it is because some patients who dislike the idea of seeing a dentist due to fear often neglect their oral health condition. They even tend to settle with over the counter painkillers instead of seeking the assistance of a dental professional. Remember that OTC medications only eliminates the symptoms of the issues temporarily. To effectively assess the problem and provide the best treatment, seeing the dentist is the best choice.


Sedation Dentistry


Dental professionals understand that oral health care is not the most comfortable experience a patient can undergo, but it is vital for their overall wellness. At RA Dental Marietta, we see to it that our patients get all the treatments they need for their overall wellness. Aside from offering various treatment options, we also want them to feel that their dental experience will go as smoothly. We make this possible by providing laughing gas and oral conscious sedation as part of our sedation dentistry services. We also try to make them comfortable by distracting them through the use of noise-canceling headphones while watching the movie of their choice.

For those who are unfamiliar with sedation dentistry, it is a procedure performed by a dentist where they use a certain sedative to make a patient less anxious before and during treatment. Since the dentist decides the most suitable option for a specific patient, they would first ask for their medical records and list of any current medications taken. It is an essential step to guarantee its effectivity as well as the patient’s safety.

Know that sedation dentistry is not only for patients who feel fearful and anxious at the thought of seeing a dentist, it is also for those who have:

  • Resistance to local anesthesia
  • Have extremely sensitive teeth
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Movement limitations
  • Chronic jaw pains
  • Low pain threshold
  • Multiple dental treatments needed in a short amount of time
  • Poor dental experiences


So if you are in need of dental attention but something keeps you from scheduling a dental appointment, call or visit us at RA Dental Marietta. We can discuss the best Sedation Dentistry option in Marietta, GA that would suit your needs the most.