Things Expecting Mothers Should Know About Their Oral Health

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Mothers or even mothers-to-be sacrifice a lot just to secure the wellness of their children. However, this does not mean that they can neglect their own health. It is vital for expecting mothers to remember that the state of their health can affect their unborn child. That is especially true when it comes to their oral health.

Being busy with pregnancy is not enough reason to skip dental appointments. It is necessary for the dentist to monitor the state of their oral health so that treatment plans can be formulated based on their unique needs. Taking this step can make a difference during pregnancy, and even after the little one is delivered.

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For mothers to understand more about the high importance of oral health care during pregnancy, here are some of the problems they may encounter.

Weaken tooth enamel

Morning sickness may be common during the first trimester, but it can cause harm to the teeth. What happens is, as stomach acids come in contact with the teeth, the enamel weakens. As a result, the mother-to-be becomes more vulnerable to cavities. Frequent snacking by pregnant women also increases the level of acid in the mouth that also compromises the enamel.

Skipping oral care

Most people are already exhausted at nighttime; however, exhaustion during pregnancy is at a different level. Due to this, they tend to skip brushing and flossing. And since they are also more likely to skip dental visits, their risk of developing oral complications increases.

Hormonal changes

Women tend to produce more hormones during pregnancy than the other stages of their entire life. Unfortunately, this occurrence compromises the state of their gums—therefore, leading to a condition referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. It may just start as a gum irritation that easily bleeds, but if appropriate actions are not taken, it can progress to a more severe form which is periodontitis. The devastating condition is something that should never be ignored, especially since research suggests the link between gum disease, premature delivery, and low birth weight.

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