Top Five Reasons for Teeth Extractions in Marietta

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A happy smile depends upon a good oral health routine. Teeth have a vital role to play in the beauty of our smile. Even though teeth can last a lifetime but due to the lack of good oral health routines and taking not taking necessary preventive measures the teeth can decay and can become prone to damage easily. If teeth are damaged or decayed, and our oral health is at bay, then gum diseases and other related infections are bound to occur. To prevent such infections and restore our oral health various surgeries and procedures are undertaken. One such procedure at our clinic – RA Dental Studio, Marietta, 30066, is tooth extraction.

Teeth extraction can be significant for the preservation of our oral health for a longer period. This procedure can be important for various reasons. A few among them are:

  • Crowding: If the wisdom teeth or the third molars in our mouth are developing, they can cause crowding of teeth in the back of our mouth. This can also result in severe pangs of pain, and if not dealt with properly and time they can cause additional damages to our dental aesthetics, like tooth decay, gum diseases, etc. To prevent such damages teeth, extractions are necessary.
  • Infections: Sometimes due to lack of oral health tooth decay or damages can extend to the gum tissues or the pulp tissues. This particular area in our mouth contains nerves and blood vessels. If bacteria reach this area, it can lead to infections, and sometimes these infections can grow to be so severe that tooth extractions become the only option.
  • Future risks: Most of us do not have a very strong immune system and are prone to several kinds of diseases, and due to those diseases we might have to undergo various treatments or surgeries like chemotherapy or an organ transplant. If due to this our immune system gets compromised, there can be a potential for the rise of various infections which can hamper our oral health. To decrease their risk in the future, tooth extraction can be significant.
  • Gum Diseases: Infections of gum tissues and pulp tissues can lead to various periodontal diseases and can damage the support system, i.e., the roots of our teeth. This can lead to loosening of our teeth, and it might become necessary to extract such teeth.
  • Wear & Tear: Regular brushing, flossing, and preventive treatments are necessary to keep our oral health at its best. However, we tend not to follow the regularity of such practices, and hence our teeth can be severely decayed due to the presence of plaque, which turns into tartar on them. If the decay cannot be controlled, then tooth extraction may be the only option.
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