White fillings over metal amalgam fillings.

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To all levels of our day to day dental care or brushing and flossing it is never our fault that we our teeth may develop cavities. And with many disadvantages and health risks that face people with dentalcavities, the dental fraternity came up with several treatment options long time ago to help treat the cavities. For a long time metal amalgams have been used to treat the cavities as fillings. But with the new technology that has come up, white fillings have been introduced as the new option in the line of dental fillings used to treat filings.

But over the past years, white fillings have recorded a great success over amalgams and have taken over the dental filling business. So, why consider white fillings over amalgams? Well, if you need to get the right dental filling for the cavities on your teeth, RA Dental Studio in Marietta GA is the best place to be thanks to the dentists who specialize in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, among other fields of dentistry.

For a long time metal amalgams have been associated with a good number of risky processes such as temperature changes making it to expand and contract and their movement in the opposite direction during chewing which gives bacteria and other pathogens to sneak in and affect the tooth. Besides, dental amalgam preparation require removal of tooth enamel, which make a tooth weak.

On other hand, white filling are greatly appreciated because they bio-mimics tooth structure and very little part of the enamel is removed when preparing for filling hence the teeth remains strong. Besides, white fillings are secure on the tooth’s surface through composite bonding making them much stronger, less invasive and convenient in terms of beauty and hygiene.