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At RA Dental Studio, Dr. Akbar can place implanted supported dentures to help denture wearers experience more dental stability. These services are available in Marietta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. Many people with conventional dentures experience frustration with removing their dentures constantly and having them slip out of place. With dental implants, your dentures can be permanently stabilized and you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Implant-Supported Dentures in Marietta

Experience the difference of implant supported dentures

Dr. Akbar offers premier family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services such as dental implants. This effective procedure will keep your dentures in position while allowing you to eat, talk, and laugh with confidence. Whether you are engaged in conversation or eating a hearty meal, you can enjoy the benefits of implant supported dentures that never need to be secured with an adhesive or removed.

There is no need to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about your smile anymore. RA Dental Studio provides state-of-the-art dental procedures for patients wanting enhanced dental stability through implant supported dentures. These natural looking, durable, and high-quality dentures make it possible to have a full and confident life without worry of your dentures loosening or slipping.

Comprehensive Dental Services

In addition to implant supported dentures, we offer services to help your teeth stay healthy and beautiful, including porcelain veneer applications, teeth whitening, dental bridgework, teeth extraction, root canal therapy, dental crowns, and even dermal fillers. With dental sedation available, your comfort is always assured.

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Review from Gina Polce
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Five stars

Gina Polce

Firstly, let me just say the folks at RA Dental we’re genuinely friendly and made great efforts to make me feel comfortable as a patient. Their personable, relaxed demeanor really put me at ease. Their exams are thorough, their cleaning is thorough, and the office is extremely neat and tidy. They also have a sweet deal for those of us paying out of pocket. I will be going back for sure.
Review from Annalise Shumway
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Five stars

Annalise Shumway

I’m always really apprehensive about finding a new dentist, but RA dental is amazing. The service is excellent. Everyone is SO nice. I got a cleaning, cavity filled and root canal was done in one day! It was so nice to be able to do everything in one sitting!! Also, sometimes I have found that dental hygienists take all frustrations out when flossing teeth. NOT HERE. The cleaning was a pleasant experience. Also, the office is lovely. The chairs are more relaxing than other dentist chairs I’ve been in.
Review from Tori Ellison
Five stars

Tori Ellison

Great experience at this studio! Always a friendly face when I walk in, and I have been coming here since I was very young. Dr. Akbar always ensures a fantastic experience and makes you feel taken care of. Marna and Ellen go above and beyond as well!
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